Lori Drew & Ashley Grills’ involvement in Megan Meier’s suicide.


Tina & Ron Meier & Megan Meier’s photo.

Lori Drew has been indicted by a federal grand jury in LA. She was charged for participating in a MySpace online hoax.

Lori allegedly created a fake MySpace account called Josh Evans. He was supposed to be a boy, aged 16. “Josh” made friends with Megan Meier, 13, a friend of Lori Drew’s teenaged daughter.After several weeks, Josh started a string of negative messages to Megan. Other MySpace account holders followed suit in a large cyber bullying attack on Megan.

Megan committed suicide on Oct 16, 2006. Josh’s profile disappeared from MySpace. Lori claimed that she was not responsible for creating Josh Evans. She said it was her daughter and a teen employer, Ashley Grills, who were responsible. However, Ashley had declared that Lori Drew had instructed her to create Josh Evans and masquerade as Josh. She said Lori and her daughter were also involved in the MySpace hoax.

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