Loni Anderson & Bob Flick wedding picture.


Loni Anderson, 62, married Bob Flick, 69. Bob was an original member of a folk music band called The Brothers Four, in the 1960s.

The wedding ceremony was witnessed by family and friends. Loni’s son, Quinton Reynolds, gave Loni away to the bridegroom when he walked her down the aisle. Quinton was Loni’s and Burt Reynolds’ son. Loni and Burt divorced in 1993.

Bob and Loni first met about 42 years ago. Loni, then 17, was at a movie premiere in her native Minneapolis. A newspaper reporter asked her to pose with The Brothers Four as a lucky young fan. Bob was 24 then.

Loni’s granddaughters wore lookalike diamond hearts that Loni had in 1983. Loni had her diamond heart made for her movie “Stroker Ace”, and her co-star was Burt Reynolds.

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Source: press news.

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