Liz Murray from “Homeless to Harvard.”


April was the month for the US national Child Abuse Prevention Month. Although it is now May, the media would like to spread the message throughout the year to prevent neglect, abuse, and family violence. The following is the story of Liz Murray and her triumph over her family circumstances.

Recently, Liz Murray attended a function at The Children’s Place, in Jefferson City, Kansas City. This institution provided specialized treatment and therapy to neglected and abused kids. She was one of the homeless kids who made it through school and college despite her huge setbacks.

Liz Murray, aka Elizabeth Murray, met a compassionate public school administrator who inspired her to do well in school. She earned a New York Times scholarship and got admitted into Harvard University. In 2003, her story was made into a film called, “Homeless To Harvard.”

There is a great need to reach out to those who need help. Not every victim of abuse can make it to become another success story like Liz Murray.

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Source: kansascity.



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