Lindsay Harris found after 3 years.


Lindsay Harris, aka Lindsay Marie Harris, 22, disappeared in Las Vegas in 2005. Her disappearance sparked a massive investigation. It unearthed the fact that she led a double and secret life as a social escort.

Lindsay Harris’ parents never gave up their search for their daughter. In 2006, they participated in a large scale search for Lindsay around the vicinity where her rented car was found abandoned. They failed to locate any clues.

After 3 years of searching for Lindsay, the police have finally found her body. They did not release the details on exactly where or how her body was found. Lindsay was found in Illinois, somewhere far away from her last known location in Las Vegas.

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  1. shes beautiful. ur negative comments mean nothing. u have no idea what this girl went through and i can say i know exactly what she went through because i did too with the same person she did.

  2. all of u that are speaking bad about this beautiful dead girl are just ignorant. No matter what choices she made in her life, she is still someones daughter,sister, friend. I feel a deep connection with her and my deepest sympathies go out to everyone who loved this girl. RIP Lindsay Harris

  3. You are the most ignorant pieces of garbage. You stupid white trash should go back to your trailer parks and die a painful death. No one deserves this, especially a wonderful girl like Lindsay. I wish you could take her place, tally, Chris, coontruth, and gerard…rot in hell.

  4. If she was killed three years ago, wouldn’t her legs have been nothing but bones? Or are they suggesting that she was killed more recently?

  5. I can't feel sorry for her either. She had a nice, comfortable life. Then she hooks up with a sleazeball, and an unattractive one at that (also probably a pimp), and ends up working as a stripper and a hooker!? Great choice! Sorry, but if I go lay down on a highway and get run over, it's my fault. Surround yourself with slime and live in the gutter don't be surprised if you don't live to be old.

  6. I do not feel sorry for her or her parents.

    she got what she deserved, nothing good ever comes from being involved with a negro, and for her parents to accept what their daughter was doing is disgusting, she ended up as a whore, a prostitute and with a nigger, and dead, the usual scenario for this type of girl

  7. God Bless You Lindsay. You can finally rest in peace. I have been researching your case for a very long time so I hope your family knows you weren't and will never be forgotten. Justice needs to be served. I hope the individual(s) involved in your case will apprehended and given the punishment they deserve.


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