Laura Fey & Vito Fossella’s sex & love child scandal.


Vito J. Fossella, the New York Representative for the 13th Congressional District, was arrested on May 1 2008 for DUI.

Vito is married to Mary Patricia Rowan and has 3 children. He issued a statement about his DUI charge. That was to clear up something he told to the officer who arrested him. He had said that he was driving to visit his sick daughter. He gave an address that belonged to Laura Fey. Laura is an ex Air Force lieutenant colonel.

In his prepared statement, Vito said that he had a relationship with Laura Fey which resulted in a daughter, aged 3. He apologized for his mistakes. He recognized the implications on his political career. He would continue to work hard at his office and to heal his relationships.

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Source: bittenandbound.



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