KWTV films confirm that Hennessey in Oklahoma is ok.


KWTV has taped the large tornados that traveled near to the towns of Hennessey and Bison, (Oklahoma) at around 2000 GMT today.

KWTV used a helicopter to film the fearsome tornado funnel clouds. Some of the clouds looked like black shadows against a grey sky. The ground below was destroyed as the winds churned up everything in its path. Rocks, wood, and other debris were lifted into the sky.

“Hennessey is ok. Bison is ok.” These were the words that people would like to read about. At press time, there were no reports of human injuries or deaths. As the tornado passed Hennessey and Bison, it traveled to Kingfisher County and Garfield County.

There were no additional recent photos of the tornado through Oklahoma available online at this time of posting.

Source: news.



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