Kimberly Caldwell dates American Idol’s David Cook.


David Cook gave an interview to Extra magazine. He said that he enjoyed chatting up Kimberly Caldwell.

David said that he mustered up his courage to ask Kimberly out on a date when she interviewed him on the TV Guide Network. He told her that he was excited because he finally had his chance to talk to her. He took his chance to talk to her frankly.

He asked her out to dinner because he wanted to repay her compliments. Kimberly gave him a warm reception and hugged him.

David has admitted that while he was acquainted with Kimberly’s fame, he was unacquainted with her songs.

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Source: people.


  1. Yea I heard about this before you guys reported it, I also heard that Lindsey Lohan and Eugene osei have a child coming. Or at least that Lindsey Lohan is pregnant and Eugene Osei is the father..Eugene Osei is a hollywood local I read..


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