Karina Smirnoff on Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough.


 Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough, 1

Karina Smirnoff, a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, said that Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough’s strategy of using their romance to get them votes was not a good one. She has been correct as the pair was voted off the contest this week.

Karina said that everyone knew that Shannon was dating a school teacher when the season with Dancing with the Stars started. Karina said that the contestants had to be young, hot and single in order for fans to want the dancers to be together. She predicted that Derek Hough and Shannon Elizabeth would get publicity for their relationship but would not get votes. Indirectly, she implied that Shannon and Derek were not that hot.

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 Karina Smirnoff       Shannon Elizabeth       Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough, 2.

Source: nationalledger.



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