Jill Price is “The Woman Who Can’t Forget.”


Jill Price has spoken in public for the very first time about her amazing ability that prohibited her from forgetting anything in her life. She said that half her mind was focused on her current activity while the other half was focused on old memories. She stays in California.

Anything could be a stimulus to trigger Jill’s floods of memories. She had difficulty getting a peaceful night of sleep because her memories caused her to remain awake. She remembered everything from 1980. Experts had tested her memory and written about her in science journals.

Mrs Jill Price said that her memory became active when her family relocated to LA when she was 8 years old. Neuroscientists explained that relocating could cause lingering changes in the brain when the person clung to memories of the older days. Jill Price had written her book and entitled it, – “The Woman Who Can’t Forget.” Her book cover is pasted below. Amazon sells it here.

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