Jean Sarkozy, Nicolas Sarkozy’s eldest son, is an actor.


Jean Sarkozy, French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s eldest son from his first marriage, has come into international spotlight. Jean, like many other politicians’ off-spring, has been helping to improve his father’s political campaigns.

Jean, 21, has staged some plays in Paris, France. These stage productions demonstrated the benefits of Nicolas Sarkozy’s unpopular political goals like a free market and entrepreneurial country.

Jean is the eldest son of Nicolas Sarkozy and Marie-Dominique Culioli. He is an amateur actor. He has stakes in politics as he is already a town councilor in Neuilly, a suburb in Paris. He was described as being handsome. Artistic public relations were being used to promote positive responses to Nicolas Sarkozy’s drastic reformatory measures.

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Source: monstersandcritics.



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