Jamar Hornsby used Ashley Slonina’s credit card.


Jamar Hornsby, a football player with the Universiry of Florida, was arrested on Friday, May 9, 2008. He was accused of using a dead woman’s credit card.

Jamar, 21, surrendered himself and appeared in a court in Alachua County to face the charges. The credit card belonged to James Slonina. It was used by his daughter, Ashley Slonina, before she was killed in a motorbike accident. Another Florida player, Michael Guilford, was also killed in the accident. Ashley Slonina was the girlfriend of Joe Haden, also a Florida football player.

James Slonina, Ashley’s Dad, said that Jamar could have obtained Ashley’s card while helping to shift the dead girl’s belongings. He received credit card bills for 6 months after Ashley’s death.

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Source: miamiherald.


  1. hope that JAMAR HORNSBY gets all that he deserves for treating my cousins the way that he did!!! We love her so much and miss her more than anyone can know, she was a giving, loving person that always cared about everyone and for someone to take advantage of her after shes passed is so wrong and just disrespectful to her as well as her family. This man is sick in his head and deserves all that will be coming to him. Ashley- MY LOVE, you are always in my heart and always in my mind, i’ll love you forever!!! RIP ASHLEY ELIZABETH GABRIEL SLONINA!!!!!


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