Isabella Rossellini’s sex tapes.


Isabella Rossellini

Isabella Rossellini made some short tapes on the sex life on insects. She said that she enjoyed making them but was unsure if they could return a profit. The internet offered a lot of content for free.

Isabella, 55, wrote and directed a series of short films about the sex life of insects. She named her films as the “Green Porno.” These films were made for viewing on cell phones, iPods and laptops.

Isabella had the advantage of being one of the world’s most celebrated faces in acting and modelling. She had funds from Robert Redford and the Sundance Channel for her venture in Green Porno. Isabella’s insect tapes cost $70,000 and she paid herself $3000. She said that she was still trying to make money out of this venture.

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Isabella Rossellini, 2.         Isabella Rossellini, 3.

Source: reuters.



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