“Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” actor stabbed.


From left to right – younger brother Jamie Knox, Mother Sally Knox and Rob Knox.

Rob Knox, 18, was killed when he got into a fight on Saturday night, May 24, 2008. Rob played Marcus Belby, the Ravenclaw student, in the upcoming Harry Potter movie, “Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince.” This movie would be out in November 2008.

Rob, his assailant and 3 others were brought to hospital. The suspect has been arrested. The suspect pulled out his knife or knives when a quarrel broke out about a stolen cell phone. Rob tried to help his friend who was accused of the theft. He got caught in the melee, was stabbed and died.

Warner Bros. said that the studio was shocked by this news. Rob’s scenes in the movie had been shot and completed before his sudden death.

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