Gwen Araujo’s Mom, Sylvia Guerrero, supports Victoria Kolakowski.


Victoria Kolakowski, left, and Sylvia Guerrero.

Victoria Kolakowski is a transgender woman seeking a seat on the Alameda County Superior Court. She has received the endorsement of Sylvia Guerrero. Sylvia Guerrero is the mother of Gwen Araujo.

Gwen Araujo, aka Gwen “Amber Rose” Araujo, was 17 when she was killed in 2002. Her male friends were angry to discover that she was a transgender and they killed her.

Sylvia Guerrero has become a campaigner for LGBT rights (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender rights). She said that Victoria Kolakowski would be a good role model for LGBT youth.

Victoria would be the first openly transperson to seek a judicial seat. Victoria said that she desired to provide justice to victims of hate violence.

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Source: ebar, the chaparrel.


  1. Hi Sylvia, i have just watched the film here in the UK about your beautiful daughter. I found it to be heart rendering. some people have small minds and deep down they know who the are (the ones who cant even give there true names) ****houses and cowards in my mind. no wonder we have so many wars. with people who can’t live and let live in the world. How would they feel if one of there family was different would they make their lives hell, probably not.good luck with all you are doing. GWEN LIVES ON, these anonymous, unsophisticated, ugly members of society will not, once they have gone they have gone FOR GOOD.

  2. I just saw the story on lifetime. It was very touchin. She was an angel. Or should I say she is. Ppl are so cruel and so quick to damn everything to hell but don't realize that that's a sin and u do it all the time. But angels have no gender because they identify with both. I realized that she tought us somethin. She taught us strength, courage, love, patience, and havin acceptance of others. How can she be an abomination when she was so much like god. How is it that angels such as gwen are looked at as evil or freaks when they show positivity. And love. But those that hate think they are good when u should never judge and yet u do. Ppl fear wat they don understand. So I see it as ppl don fully understand god. I love the lord but its true. Cause if they really knew anything they'd know that god does what ever he wants. That's y he's never fully understood but gives life so that u can get closer to him. And when u do he blesses u. but his angels, they don kno wat they mean to do. Because its natural to them. That's y ppl don get most lgbt folks. Cause they are far from god than they thought.

  3. I've just watched this movie and it just made me so sad and mad that people can hate others for being different. I am transgendered and like any others including Gwen we just want to be ourselves. Is that just too much to ask in this day and age?

    Well done Sylvia… keep up the good fight.

  4. I still cannot believe in this day and age people make comments such as the one left on the 26th Nov. The world is full of so much hatred.

    I'm no bible basher, but for gods sake, can't we just get on with each other and accept that people are different?

    I think it's so sad that people think stupid things like 'a complete freak'.

    I am from the UK and just watched the film of Gwens story today and that was the first I had heard of it. It was very sad that humans can treat another human being like that.

    That individual who wrote their comments really sounds like 'a complete ****hole.

    Well done Sylvia and keep up the great work.


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