“Gay” Clay Aiken Gets Woman Pregnant!: Update! Clay Aiken A Dad!


Jaymes Foster and Clay Aiken
Image: WENN

Wow! This is a shocker! Clay Aiken, former American Idol runner up, has impregnated a forty-something year old record producer named Jaymes Foster. She is the sister to record mogul, David Foster.

UPDATE: Clay Aiken & Jaymes Foster’s baby boy born, read new post here.

It is being reported that Jaymes Foster was artifically inseminated with Aiken’s sperm. Clay Aiken actually lives with Foster when he is in Los Angeles. The two are said to be best friends. Clay has said he wants to be involved in the child’s life.

Clay Aiken has dodged numerous reports saying that he was gay. Clay told Access Hollywood : “People don’t want to have that type of stuff pushed, people who are living in Omaha or in Charlotte or wherever,” just last month.

“They don’t want stuff like that pushed in their face,” he added. “I don’t think that’s necessary and that’s also not what I’m here for. I mean, I went on Idol to be a singer, I went on Idol to be an entertainer and that’s what my priority is.”

So, do you think Clay will make a good father?

Clay Aiken Clay Aiken Clay Aiken Clay Aiken Jaymes Foster



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