Flavor Of Love 3 winner.


Flavor Flav chose his love on Monday night of May 19, 2008. This was the season finale for Flavor of Love 3.

The lady Flavor Flav chose was “¦”¦. Thing 2. This meant that “Black”, whose real name was Candace Cabrera, was the runner up.

The winner was a complete surprise. This was because the episode strated with Black and Sinceer as the Finale’s two candidates. Flavor Flav changed this completely when he brought back Thing 2 to become one of the final contestants too.Flavor and Black traveled to Monaco. Later, it was Thing 2’s turn to travel to Paris with Flavor.

Eventually, Flavor chose Thing 2 to be his final winner for this season.

Thing 2’s name was Latresha. She was 26 and worked as a healthcare person in Artesia, California. Latresha was also the identical twin sister of a previously voted down contestant, Latrisha, aka Thing 1.

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