Fire on USS George Washington aircraft carrier.


The USS George Washington aircraft carrier had a fire on Thursday, May 22, at 7:50 am. The fire started near the aft air conditioning, refrigeration and auxiliary boiler room.

A sailor was seriously injured with first degree burns while 23 others suffered heat stress. The ship was on its way to Yokosuka in Japan when the fire broke out. It had to do a replenishment operation in the Pacific Ocean.

The fire was extinguished by the crew. The blaze lasted for about 2 hours before it was contained and eventually put out. An investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the fire. The carrier’s Commanding Officer, Captain Dave Dykhoff, praised his staff for their heroic actions.

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Source: efluxmedia.


  1. Today’s the 26th; I just got email from my son about it, so I researched it on the web and saw it here also. Seems they are without email. He said he’ call me when he got to San Diego. He’s a firefighter. Didn’t say anything more about it, but my email postcard came from his personal email account.

  2. I have been on this carrier Kristina, went on it for a tiger cruise about 6 years ago. I wish your husband the best and the entire crew of the GW. It’s a very brave thing the men in women in our military do every day.

  3. It would be nice if the navy would inform the families. My husband is on this carrier, i havnt heard from him nor been contacted by the military.


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