Fake rumors on Nate Dogg’s death.


Nathaniel Dawayne Hale, aka Nate Dogg, the R&B/hip-hop singer, was reported as having passed away by Mediatakeout.com. The cause of death was supposedly from the complications from the stroke he had in 2007.

Some people had done the followup to this report and called Nate Dogg’s friends and family members. The source said that Nate Dogg was still alive and doing well. Mediatakeout was compelled to publish a retraction and an apology.

Nate Dogg had his stroke on Dec. 19, 2007. He was released from hospital on Dec. 26. He was reported to be recovering in a rehab. On Jan. 18, 2008, a report said that Nate Dogg’s left side of body was paralyzed. His doctors anticipated a full recovery one day.

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Source: wikipedia.


  1. PPL NEED TO GET THEY FUCCN STORY STR8 B4 U GO SPOUTIN OFF @ THE MOUTH WITH LIES!!!! My heart nearly dropped hearing that news I grew up on Nate Dogg and that would have been another big lostro the West since Pac and Eazy. I REALLY hope its still just gossip.

    ~Yung Thurdy (Houston Artist)

  2. Thats good to hear,i didn’t know it was a rumor,i really thought it was true,but if it was true it would have been a great loss to music!


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