Ellen Page plays Gertrude Baniszewski’s sex victim, Sylvia Likens.


Ellen Page (left) as Sylvia Likens and Catherine Keener as Gertrude Baniszewski in “An American Crime.”

On May 10, 2008, the premiere of “An American Crime” was aired on the Showtime network. This movie told the real life story of Indiana torture and slain victim, Sylvia Likens.

Sylvia and her sister, Jenny Likens, were girls left in the care of a woman named Gertrude Baniszewski. Their parents were carnival workers who had severe financial and marital problems. The sisters faced physical and mental abuse which climaxed at the death of Sylvia Likens. The girls tried to ask for help but nobody believed them and they were called liars.

The Baniszewski children were involved in the abuse and they influenced other kids in the neighborhood to participate too.

Gertrude Baniszewski was played by Catherine Keener and Sylvia Likens was portrayed by Ellen Page. Critics have praised their performances in “An American Crime.”

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Source: nytimes.


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