Dr. Phil McGraw and Robin to Divorce?


Dr. Phil and Robin to Divorce?

Rumors are flying that popular talk show host and advice-giving Dr. Phil Mcgraw and his wife Robin are headed for divorce. If rumors are true, his career could be over! Perhaps he should take his own advice and tips on marriage to heart.

Reports say that Dr. Phil, the self-help guru is actually worth $200 million! With that much money, things get really ugly and dark secrets could come out that could cost him his career.

Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw have been married for 31 years. The couple has two sons Jay, 28, and Jordan, 21. Divorce is always ugly, but in his case it could be super ugly!

The reports suggest that Dr. Phil may have gotten some “lovin” from someone other than his wife Robin. If these rumors are true, Dr. Phil will be in hot water with his millions of viewers and followers.

Dr. Phil and his wife Robin portray themselves as the picture perfect family. A perfect marriage, perfect kids, that make all the right decisions. So this could really come back to bite him in the ass!

The sources at this time appear to be The Globe and The National Enquirer. They are not the most reputable and reliable sources, but perhaps there is a hint of truth to all these rumors.

So do you think these rumors are true and that Dr. Phil needs to give himself a little marriage counseling?

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  1. I think people should mine their own business and also stop reading the tabloids do not believe everything you hear or read. Dr Phil and Robin could handle there problems. There are no perfect marriage, I don't agree with everything that he says but he try to help people. Marriage is not a easy thing,it take a lots of fight and prayers to keep or have a good marriage.

  2. Please don’t tell me that some of you actually believe these gossips. Phil and Robin getting divorce could be true, and so what if it was? But “Dr Phil sexually attacked to me!” is the most hilarious thing i’ve heard in a long time 😀 this is a typical case of some lifeless, childish, stupid woman, who really has nothing better to do than think up some ramdom rumours about some famous celebrity. Of course she has got super big moneybag from that!

    But seriously, you americans always seem to take everything so seriously and don’t think anything by yourself. That’s the picture i’ve got from you through all the “realityshows” in TV.

    And PS. forgive me my possible misspelling, i’m not an english or american.

  3. i have never left a coment on anything but ,please people get a life and leave them alone. dont know them personally but they deserve the truth and some privacty.

  4. i cannot in any way / shape or form believe either dr. phil or robin would ever cheat on the other. they have too many great things going for them. i pray that their marriage remain as good as ever …. america needs dr. phil …. i wish there was i dr. phil when i was a young teen …. probably mine and my kids lives would have been much much better … that's another story that i wish i had the courage to deal with before i leave this earth.

  5. Dr. Phil has portrayed his marriage as perfect on the show but early on there were signs of a strain between them. He did make snide remarks about her but covered it up with a laugh. Robin is worse than Dr. Phil. She makes out like she is the perfect mother and wife. Nobody can be perfect, absolutely nobody. She is such a nerd, totally absorbed with her looks and I think she looks strange. The show would be better if they didn't include the wife and the son without hair. Marriage is too hard of an institution to be boasting perfection. After 31 years, everyday is a challenge at that point. But to get ratings, I guess he did that early on. I stopped watching because he's such a hypocrit. If he has helped people that's good but he has made millions at other people's expense. He gets too irritated at time at his guests and that I think is pretty irrational. He needs his own shrink. And I think he is a total nerd.

  6. I think everyone needs to worry about their own love life . People talk about him like he's a know it all but, people go to him he's justtheir to help. If you don't like him don't watch him or worry about his busniss get a life

  7. Oh my goodness! The comments i've been hearing about the supposed 'divorce' are something else. Yes, we look up to Robin and Dr. Phil to portray what he preaches in their life and marriage, but does that make them any less human than we are? No. They are human, they are not perfect- no one is, so if they're having problems, for whatever reason, people shouldnt go on as if they are supposed to be perfect. They make mistakes. Dr Phil helps people and is damn good at it. Just as Jesus said; let he that has no flaws cast the first stone.

  8. I hope it is true. They are not perfect like they pretend to be. She needs to dress her age. She has had plastic surgery and breast implants. She is very materialistic. might be from having a ex playboy bunny daughter in law now. Dr. Phil seems like the domineering type. I dont like either one of them. They have fooled the nation to become rich. Wont suprise me that Robin will up and leave to live the high life.

  9. There is NO way I would believe The Globe
    and The national Enquirer as my two and ONLY
    scores that are reporting this impending
    doom of divorce between Dr Phil and Robin
    McGraw. These two rag papers are just for
    show and gossip and they like to sell trash
    and papers no matter who it hurts in the
    process. Don’t believe it till you hear it
    from Dr Phil’s mouth.

  10. I believe it! It's not impossible!

    I was married and had a 14 year relationship with a STAND UP man. He was CEO, CFO, of several large well known companies.

    (My husband passed)

    We both had the perfect house, the perfect family, the pretty cars, etc. no one knew our little secret.

    I came across pictures of him and his wife one day. She was looking at him so proud and adoringly, it broke my heart, so I ended the affair instantly, I kept seeing her in my mind. I feel 14 years of guilt for the both of us, I could not bear it any longer and I ended the affair without even telling him why.

    In my heart I will always have a special place for him but he will never know this. It's been a long time since I've seen him, but I do think of him often. Always wondering HOW & WHY we could of done this. Was it love or lust? Were we lonely or ignored? All I know is that it was very wrong.

    I can imagine the pain and hurt she would endure if ever she found out about this affair.

    I also wonder how she could not have been aware of any changes in her husband? There must have been something different? 14 years in a relationship with another woman? I question how in touch she was with him?

    Does not matter! They are together and I'm happy for that. My heart is filled with guilt, I deserve it, but it's always bothered me that he's never felt any?

  11. No, it won't happen. Robin has enjoyed the benefits of that $200 million, especially since moving to CA. She has had her teeth veneered, her face lifted, and her boobs enhanced. She looks terrific, and Phil still looks like an aging bald guy. He needs her, even if he's gotten a little strange from time to time. Robin may be finding herself to be just as attractive as he seems to think he is. Ask their pool guy. They'll stay married.


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