Did Mindy McCready know about Angela Moyer?


Angela Moyer

Angela Moyer.

Roger Clemens formed special relationships with beautiful women. Besides Mindy McCready and Paulette Dean Daly, he also made friends with Angela Moyer, an ex bartender.

It was unknown if the women knew about Roger’s roving eye for beauties. Neither of these women – Mindy McCready, Paulette Dean Daly, or Angela Moyer were interviewed about their views regarding Roger’s friendships with other women.

Roger, now 45, arranged air travel for the women in his private jet, supported at least two of them financially and even bought costly jewelry for a woman.

Angela Moyer admitted that she knew Roger but she refused to elaborate on the nature of their relationship. Angela is now 30 and working as a Realtor. Angela was the only woman so far to have declined to admit that her friendship with Roger had romantic implications. Paulette Dean Daly and Mindy McCready had confessed that romance was involved in their relationships with Roger Clemens.

Mindy McCready has started recording in Nashville. She revealed that she had her hopes up to restart her music career.

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Roger Clemens' wife, Debbie Clemens, in 2004. Roger and Debbie Clemens in Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue in 2003. Angela Moyer, 2.

Angela Moyer, 3. Paulette Dean Daly, ex-wife of champion golfer John Daly.

 Mindy McCready.

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