Comcast webmail down because was hacked.


This was the hacker’s message on the Comcast website before its administrators removed it.

There were rumors about being hacked. Comcast was the largest cable operator in the US. There seemed to be conflicting information since there was confusion about Comcast websites. There were at least 2 websites with similar names. Only the secondary domain names were different.

The webpage had a notice that said its website was under construction and it was coming soon. The webpage looked fine but when you click on the link to check email, you would see that it was linked to and email was inaccessible.

The email site was hacked and its hacker posted a cryptic message to announce its supremacy over Comcast. That would be one of the biggest security breaches in a long time. Besides email user passwords, other confidential information like user account details were at risk. It was not known if data theft had occurred.

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Source: socialitereport.


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