CNN’s Janaki Purushe.


CNN’s online news ran an article on how escalating gas prices made Americans change their life styles. One such person was Janaki Purushe, 22. Janaki, who lived in Maryland, used her bike instead of her car.

Janaki had to cycle 10 miles daily to and from work. She brought her work clothes to change into at her office. She said that biking made her get closer to nature and her surroundings. She lived in town and had the public amenities close by; where she could cycle to reach them.

Other Americans had also made lifestyle changes to lower the costs of living. Naomi and Lucas Smith kept one car instead of two cars to save about $350 monthly. They said they spent more time together sharing one car.

At the time of posting, there were no other photos of Janaki Purushe available online.

Source: cnn.



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