Jodie Foster had affair with Cindy Mort/ Cynthia Mort.


Cindy Mort/ Cynthia Mort is standing on the extreme right in this picture.

Jodie Foster’s recent split with her long time lesbian partner, Cydney Bernard, was due to a third party. The National Enquirer reported that Jodie had an affair with Cindy Mort aka Cynthia Mort.

Cindy Mort is a producer and screenwriter. Jodie met Cindy on the set of The Brave One in 2006. They had a friendly relationship which became an affair last year. A check with the film credits revealed that Cindy Mort was actually Cynthia Mort.

Presently, Jodie and Cydney have remained living under the same roof. The relationship has been shattered. There seemed no chance for them to reconcile. A source told the magazine that Jodie and Cydney would raise their boys together and maintain a loving family unit. Their breakup would not affect their sons.

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Source: hollywoodscoop.



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