Chelsea Gorman crackdown on gossip.


Chelsea Gorman.

Vanderbilt University, from Nashville, Tennessee, had a website named It was supposed to be a harmless and fun juicy gossip website for campus students. The anonymous posters could indulge in the most daring gossip because it was done without fear of being identified.

The nature of the website was taken advantage of and a student on campus was victimized when her name and anecdote were published online.

Chelsea Gorman, 20, was a student who was raped. She had undergone a post-trauma experience of dealing with the aftermath of her ordeal. Only a few close friends knew about the crime against her. Yet, one of them betrayed her and wrote her story on the campus gossip website. Chelsea Gorman said she went through another difficult period again when she had to deal with it.

Chelsea Gorman’s story was told on TV’s “20/20” on Friday, May 16, 2008.’s owner has refused to change anything to help prevent abuse. Anne Millgram, the attorney general of New Jersey, has taken up the case to fight The site’s main advertisers have withdrawn their sponsorships.

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