Chelle Hawn’s Vacation Swap.


Map of Georgia; where the Hawn family lives.

Chelle Hawn (44) and her 4 sons; Mark (21), Brian (20), Joe (17) and Ben (13) were living in luxury in Georgia. They had all the money in the world and could afford expensive vacations. This family was not very close knit.

In ABC’s reality TV show, “Vacation Swap”, Chelle Hawn and her family had to swap their normal vacation with one that was provided by another family. In the first episode/week, Chelle provided the swap for the other family by inviting them to vacation with her family.

The “Vacation Swap” reality show was loosely based on the idea provided by another show called “Wife Swap.”

The other family was Jackie Orlando (50), her husband Joe (51), her children; Joe Jr. (20), Stephanie (20) and Matthew (14). The Orlando family was a close knit family from southern California.

The first swap involved the Orlandos joining the posh Hawns in Aspen. It was a totally different world for them in terms of the environment, food and attitude. The Hawns made some negative remarks on their down to earth guests.

The next swap would involve the Orlandos hosting the Hawns for their traditional camping vacation.

There were no photos of the Hawns and Orlandos online at the time this post was written.

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Source: realitynewsonline.


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