Calvin Klein’s model, Heather Stohler, has died.


Heather Stohler, 29, a model, and her boyfriend, Daniel Risley, 26, have both died from a fire in their apartment. Heather passed away on Sunday while Daniel died on Tuesday.

The fire in their apartment started on Sunday, May 11, 2008. The home was at Sixth and Broadway, in Vincennes, Indiana. Investigators had determined that the cause of fire was in the kitchen. A few frying pans and skillets were left on the stove burners. The apartment had no working smoke detectors. Apparently, the couple did not smell smoke before the fire consumed the unit.

Heather was featured in Calvin Klein ads. She had worked with Kate Moss on the same campaign.

Heather Stohler and Daniel Risley,


Source: tmz, contactmusic.


  1. Heather was my niece and she was no idiot. She was one of the kindest people you could hope to meet. Clearly the editors of this site are uniformed or idiots themselves! Heather would forgive you, I will not!

  2. I am Daniel J. Risley’s brother Jason Risley. I knew Heather Stohler and I don’t think it is right for her to be concidered a stupid celebrity. She was a women with a heart of gold. She cared a great amount for my brother and her family. She cared for all living things. Danny and I couldn’t even kill a spider without her getting upset. Set it free, don’t kill it. She would always say. They were good caring people and will be missed always


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