Annika Sorenstam will marry Mike McGee.


Annika Sorenstam, 37, has announced her early retirement from competitive golf after 15 years on the LPGA circuit.

Last Sunday, at the Michelob Ultra Open, Annika won her 72nd golf title in her long career and dropped the bombshell on her retirement.

Annika had some injuries which affected her play in 2007. This year, she bounced back by winning 3 golf tournaments. So far, she had won $22 million in her career. Annika would be trying to become the Number One on the list of the highest paid golf earners and Number One in world rankings in 2008. She desired to regain her highest positions before her retirement.

Annika Sorenstam would marry her boyfriend, Mike McGee, in 2009. She would plan to start her family soon after that.

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Source: bittenandbound.


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