Angelina Jolie played Christine Collins in “The Exchange.”


Dina Eastwood, Clint Eastwood, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at Cannes.

Angelina Jolie’s new film The Exchange, made its debut in a premiere showing in Cannes. Angelina acted as the main protagonist, Christine Collins.

The movie, The Exchange, was based on a real story of Christine Collins, a single parent, who had a son named Walter. The scene was set in California in the 1920s. Walter was kidnapped.

Several months later, the police found a boy who they claimed was Walter. Christine Collins insisted that the child was not her son Walter. The Los Angeles Police Department was accused of being incompetent and corrupt. Christine Collins started a public campaign to learn the truth about her Walter.

Previously, the film was written about under a different title. It was called “The Changeling.” Now, it was announced that the formal name would be – “The Exchange.”

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