Amy Smart’s skin exposure in Crank.


Amy Smart and Corey Haim in Crank.

Amy Smart and Corey Haim in Crank.

Amy Smart starred in Crank in 2006 and this movie has a sequel being made now in 2008. Crank 2 has Amy Smart play the girlfriend of Chev, the main character in the plot.

Chev had a fake heart in his body. He had to keep his adrenalin high to work the heart or else he might die. Chev was played by Jason Statham. There was an exciting scene that was shot in the Chinatown of the city. Hundreds of extras were present. Amy and Jason had to stimulate a sex scene in front of hundreds of people. This was the part where Chev had to get his adrenalin up and he used his girlfriend in the sex scene to achieve that.

Amy had a fight scene with the actor Corey Haim. Her dress/tank top was so short that her behind was shown during the wrestling scene with Corey. Bai Ling also has a role in Crank 2.

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  1. Bai Ling va Amy Smart hot catfight. If you look closely Amy is already bloodies messed up prior to her above wrestling match, and according to a source, has a fairly nasty ripper of a catfight with Bai Ling to the death? Makes sense and in fact would be a dispointment if there wasn't

    Apparently it's a pretty hot and nasty little bitch Fight classic. Anybody heard anything?

    Speaking of catfight there was some weird short catfight scene in a Hotel loby towards the end of Crank 1.


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