Amy Fisher’s ex-boyfriend, Joe Buttafuoco, was in the news.


Mary Jo Buttafuoco, Joe Buttafuoco & Amy Fisher.

Amy Fisher’s ex-boyfriend, Joe Buttafuoco, stopped a man searching through his motor bike’s saddle bags on Sunday, May 11, at 5 pm. Joe’s bike was at Thalia Street where the incident took place.

Joe confronted the suspected thief, who was with a female companion. Joe tried to detain the man until police arrived. The two strangers managed to escape but were later caught by a police officer. Both people denied any wrong doing.

Sol Langlois Risley, 31, of Laguna Beach and Bethany Ann Lackey, 33, of Aliso Viejo were the suspects.Police sad they were detained under suspicion of under the influence of drugs.

When police searched Risley’s car, they found a fake $50 bill. Joe retrieved his sunglasses and jacket that were removed from his motorbike’s side bag.

In case anyone has forgotten, Amy Fisher wounded Joe’s first wife, Mary Jo Buttafuoco. Amy served time. Joe divorced Mary Jo and got married to his new wife, Evanka later on.

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