When Thomas Beatie was still Tracy LaGondino – photos.


 Thomas Beatie, or the ex-Tracy LaGondino

Thomas Beatie, or the ex-Tracy LaGondino, as a young woman.

Thomas Beatie was born a female. She was a fair beauty who took part in the local beauty pageants in her native island of Hawaii. Some time into her journey of life,   she decided to change her sex to become Thomas Beatie. Here are the photos of Thomas Beatie, or the ex-Tracy LaGondino.

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Thomas Beatie, or the ex-Tracy LaGondino, teenager

Thomas Beatie, or the ex-Tracy LaGondino, when she was a teenager. Please click on the thumbnail to expand it.

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  1. I'm a transguy myself and think this is all sick. Thomas Beatie is not the first pregnant man. He still has his female organs and does not appear to feel dysphoric about it. He is confused. Why in the world would he give birth to his child and what the hell is it going to think when it grows up? He'll be lucky ifhis kid will respect him.

  2. i don’t care what think but would any one of people would like to have a man as a mother.when the kid grow up, be in public, calling the man mom
    i know that no one to be in the situation the kid is in

  3. It is sad that someone could think that God messed up that badly. It is an illness, there is something wrong in their head; that a woman would think that she was supposed to be a man. The funny thing is you're not a man if you can give birth, that is one perk we as women have. You may look like a dude, but you are all woman. These poor children are going to be made fun of because their parents are mentally ill, so sad. If she wanted to be with a woman, she should have just become a lesbian.

  4. just like tiana said,god blessed with a beautiful body,but she wanted to turn into a man,that is just sad.alot of women feel like men when they are young,but some of them dont change there sex.god created you to be a beautiful young lady,but when you change your body its like you're calling Gods work ugly.and for all the people who sayin stop being judgemental,yall prabably talking about somebody right now.like most of yall calling people stupid.God made no one stupid.

  5. I heard on youtube that in the morning,she felt like a man,so she changed her sex.She shouldn't have done that because if you felt like a man you could have turned into a tomboy,not a man.Even if you feel like no matter how man male parts and hormones you get,you will stillbe awoman,so whats the point.and whoever made up the surgery in the first place is stupid .by the way she is still a female because she said that her clitoris is like 2in.lon which makes it look like a penis,so technically she is a woman

  6. Alright, ‘tngirl’.. who the hell are you to say that it’s wrong to be homosexual.. oh. did Jesus really say that? You really honestly think that he would believe things like treat others the way they would like to be treated ..unless they’re gay. That is complete bullshit. You know how he loves EVERYONE and accepts EVERYONE for who they are.. was there a veto list on that one too?

    • God, does love everyone, however he states that homosexuality is wrong. That is why he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. I have gay friends and I love them very dearly, that doesn't mean I agree with their lifestyle. You can love the sinner but hate the sin.

  7. That's sick….God is not pleased. obviously God blessed you to be a BEAUTIFUL woman and i guess that wasn't good enough for you.

    people these days need to figure out the difference between socially acceptable and morally right…

    its wrong to change your body. if she wasn't born a man then thats the way shes supposed to stay. thats an insult to God. i guess she calls herself 'perfecting His work'.

    If she didn't want to deal with people criticizing her, then she shouldn't have done this.

    what is she going to tell her daughter. "Honey daddy used to be a girl"…

    OMG! the child is going to be confused or think its alright to do things like her father/mother (whatever it is).

    What Thomas Beatie did is WRONG!!! and the sad part is the child will have to pay for his/her stupidity.

  8. Mutilating your body and taking testosterone treatments doesn't make her a man any more than removing the sexual organs of a man makes him a woman. She wants to be a man, but never will be one. I can't believe all the liberal sheep out there referring to her as "he" and "him". It's a revolting example of an aberrant lifestyle. Anyone who doesn't think this will make things difficult for this child is deluding themselves. Try explaining that your "father" is your mother and your "mother" didn't even participate in this conception.

  9. I think is their business what they are doing. I would suggest that they move to a place where nobody know them so their children wont be subject to jokes. even though it look like they like the publicity.Is it for money!!!. I think they can do with their life what they want. I dont agree with them having children that way. but, its their decision.

  10. people can be so judgemental… if what's happening to the couple is giving them happiness, who are we to judge them? they are not bothering other peoples' lives and they have not committed a crime against anyone else. i think they deserve what they have been going through. congratulations to both of them…

  11. ok so the baby is beautiful i will give them that…. but it's not being judgmental on the parents to say that it is wrong…. it is just the facts i am a strong christian in my beliefs and convinctions and i know what the bible says about homosexuality and it says that it is a sin and i'm sorry to tell you that it will be dealt with… great for the child to have a loving home but sorry for the parents……

    • I have to say that you are really wrong!
      God made people the way they were ment to be
      Hateful people like you are the reason why young gay and lesbian teens commit suicide.
      You should be ashamed of yourself and you should clearly look at people for who they are not for who they love.

  12. I’m so tired of all the ignorance in the world! I would like to congratulate the happy couple on the birth of thier child & hope they have a wonderful life dispite all the hatefull people out there who want to destroy it.

  13. Gosh! give these people a break…they didn’t kill anybody! And for all you judgemental people out there who have so much to say about this!…Well I got a news flash for you! It is not any of your damn business what these people chose to do with their life! so clearly….Who the hell are you to judge in the first place?! And for the one who said,
    ” god will take care of this situation!” okay was that a some sort of a pathetic threat? ooooo……Well guess what? god did take care of the situation, he had blessed them with a beautiful baby girl! and they’re happy! Don’t pry on other people’s perogative! So what if what they had done is not normal, it is now up to them to live the life they had choosen and to make the best of it! These people obviously thought it through before going for it and I’m sure they know what they are doing! so YAY! for them……

  14. Hey you ignorant and judgemental people..You have no right to say that these people are insane or whatever..Is it important that a child grows with a "normal" father and a mother???What is the use of having normal people as parents when there is no love at all???You people are the crazy ones for being so ignorant…You are so pathetic and I pity you..

  15. You guys are all too judgmental. Who are you to pass judgment on the lives of others? Who are you to say it is unfair to the child? As long as the child has a loving home, who the heck cares? You all need slaps to the head for being ignorant morons.

  16. she was a pretty woman, wht was she thinkin turnin into a man damn n nw bringin a child into dis world in dis type of situation. Its pretty unfair 2 d child tho, but God will tk care of d situation

  17. One more thing…. if the he.. she it thing wanted to do whatever and play God on her gender…. it should of at least had the reproductive organs taken out… it is one thing to submit yourself to a sick life…. but… but totally unfair to bring a child into the world that is going to live being made a lot of fun of… because the child had a sick messed up parents

  18. How very sick… it is a she turned into an it,,, and I feel so sorry for the child…. it has a bad rap in life… right from the start.

  19. I saw this couple on Oprah, and thought "Man, I

    feel sorry for this child." These people are

    mentally messed up, and this child will be as

    well. How sad. Blessings on the doctors who

    would not participate.


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