Tom Cruise’s next Mission Impossible.


Victoria Beckham & Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise is rumored to be concerned over his wife’s close friendship with Voctoria Beckham. Evidently, Katie Holmes saw Posh Spice as a fashion icon and role model. She had copied her hair style and fashion sense.

Tom noted that Katie had lost some weight recently and he feared that Katie had emulated her best friend’s stick figure. A source said that Tom would like to put some distance between Katie and Victoria. That could be his next Mission Impossible to try to accomplish.

Katie was said to be following Victoria’s diet of consuming only 900 calories a day. Victoria was said to favor only seaweed shakes, frozen grapes and edamame beans.

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Source: DM
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Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham & David Beckham       Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes & Suri

      Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes & Suri, 2


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