Serena Williams’ sexy bikini photos.


Serena Williams, 1.

Serena Williams, 26, took a short break out in the sea at Miami beach. She was in the area for her Sony Ericsson Open title. She managed to defeat the fourth seed, Jelena Jankovic, after a hard battle. Serena had shown her frustration by smashing her racket on the court. The game score came out to be 6-1, 5-7, 6-3.

Serena won her 5th Sony Ericsson Open title. She would have the equal standing of Steffi Graf, who also won 5 women’s singles titles at Key Biscayne. Serena revealed that she emulated Steffi Graf as her role model and was happy with her achievement.

Serena revealed that fashion designing did not bring in money. She returned to competitive tennis because that was her bread and butter.

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Serena Williams, 2. Serena Williams, 1.


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