Madonna slammed by research group.


 Madonna & Zambian baby David Banda

Madonna & Zambian baby David Banda.

Celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Madonna who adopt children from poor countries did more harm than good.This was the resultant finding from researchers. They had noted that the demand from rich Westerners meant that poor children were sent to orphanages to wait for adoption.

This group of reseachers consisted of psychologists from Liverpool University. They suggested implementing some controls to stop international adoptions. According to them, this would control the rise of “market mechanism” affecting the children. It would also protect a child’s rights.

In the first place, couples adopt from overseas because of the difficulties in adopting from their native homeland. The report still encouraged the placement of orphans with foster care givers in their own country. International adoption should be the very last resort failing all else.

 Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and children.       Pax feeds a dolphin.

 Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and 4 children.

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