Jemima Khan criticized for bikini and lesbian kissing photos here.


 Jemima Khan

Jemima Khan’s critic posted this on a website.   The picture on the left showed Jemima with Hugh Grant. The photo on the right   showed Jemima with Kate Moss.


Jemima Khan was threatened by Islamic fundamentalists because she supported a Muslim organization that preached religious tolerance.

Jemima’s group was named as the Quilliam Foundation. It was established by two reformed members of the outlawed Hizb ut Tahrir organization. The Quilliam Foundation has received phone and email death threats. Muslim fundamentalist websites have condemned Jemima’s decision to be involved with the Quilliam Foundation.

Jemima said she had somewhat anticipated a response from the Muslim fundamentalists. She said she felt “wobbly” after receiving death threats. She was criticized for going against Islam in her attire of bikinis and revealing wardrobe. She was slammed for nightclubbing and kissing her girlfriend. Jemima said that she was not a model Muslim but supported the Quilliam Foundation to call for a moderate stand in British Muslim values.

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 Jemima Khan, 2  

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