Elizabeth Hurley shows nipples.


Elizabeth Hurley & bikini models.

Elizabeth Hurley attended the exclusive presentation for her fashion campaign in Madrid. It was about bikinis but she was not dressed in a bikini. However, she dressed provocatively and showed her   sexy cleavage. The close-ups   are below.

The press speculated that Elizabeth was covering up in her live appearance because she lacked confidence without the help of image editing. Liz was frank and honest in her admissions that she requested for air brushing and understanding photographers when her bikini pictures were used.

Prior to this bikini photoshoot, Elizabeth had declared that she was done with bikini fashion photography. She broke her word when she was compelled to model her designs for the Elizabeth Hurley Beach collection. Her bikini photos are here.

Please click on the thumbnail to see the bigger picture.

Elizabeth Hurley, 1       Elizabeth Hurley, 2       Elizabeth Hurley, 3

Source: DM


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