Amy Winehouse has to borrow cash again!


Amy Winehouse, 1

Amy Winehouse has opened her door to so many of her friends that the press has called her door as a revolving door. Paparazzi who waited outside her revolving door saw Mark Ronson entering with his guitar at 9 pm.

At 4 am, her entertainment was not over. The celebrities went to Soho, a pub in London. She was dressed in shorts, a T shirt and jacket. She emerged at 7 am to go shopping for some snacks. She had no cash on her person so she borrowed money from her posse of photographers. Previously, on another occasion, she had to borrow cash to pay her cab driver.

When she finally reached home, she had no key to get inside and had to wait for her friend to send a spare key.

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Amy Winehouse, 2 Mark Ronson Amy Winehouse, friend

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