Chanell Elaine Hallett, only 17 and topless for Donald Trump


Channell Elaine Hallett

Donald trump is trying to ignore the fact that he had a 17 year old girl working for him at his party. Now, its not a big deal to have someone thats 17 work for you but when they are topless and drinking, then you have a major problem. Channell Elaine Hallet was working at the Trump Vodka Super Bowl Party at the end of January.

Donald Trump has called the woman in question, Chanell Elaine Hallett, a publicity whore. He also claims the 17 year old crashed his party. Donald Trump is outraged and gave out a statement via his representative-

Drinks America contracted with modeling agency Professional Event Marketing of Scottsdale, Arizona to hire three promotional models , all over the age of 21 to be opaquely painted with logos for this event. The three women we contracted through the agency were to promote the brand throughout the evening.

All three were in attendance. We do not know why Miss Hallett was there, but she was not there having been hired or working for us. Given the circumstances, we can only guess that she crashed the event to seek publicity for herself. We are appalled and always work to adhere to our social and civic responsibilities as a premium alcoholic beverage marketing company.

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The Donal likes them real young and illegal!

underage Channell Elaine Hallett and Donald

Good Luck getting through this one Donald.

The NSFW pictures can be found here

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