Victoria Beckham’s supersized ass in photos.


Spice Girls

Victoria Beckham showed off her huge bum in a costume that flared out to supersize her hind part. David Beckham was faithfully seated among the audience at this show, in the TD BankNorth Garden in Boston. Posh Spice’s skimpy costume revealed a mysterious bandage on her back. This led to speculation that she might be covering up a tattoo or a tattooed skin that was healing.

 Victoria Beckham bandage

Victoria looked well and the bandage did not hamper her song and dance. The Spice Girls performed with their usual enthusiasm, despite being informed that their plans to tour another 5 continents were postponed.

Victoria Beckham 2

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  1. Quem acha que ela tem a bunda grande nunca viu a bunda da Natália Floripes. A piranha tem uma bunda enorme, cheia de estrias.


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