Pete Doherty raises eyebrows with new women.


Pete Doherty 1

Pete Doherty was in Paris on Feb. 6. He had a performance in Zenith. He was strolling around the Place de la Republique when he was snapped by the camera. He had a brunette companion and they sat down for some wine and smokes.

Pete Doherty 2

Pete was approached by another brunette to share his lighter. Then she asked for his photo. Pete obliged with both requests. Pete struck a pose that showed his friendship with his fan. This time, in Paris, he looked quite neat and groomed. There was no sticky hair gel that gave his hair the messed look.

Pete Doherty 3

While there were rumors about Pete’s women friends, most of them were unconfirmed. Perhaps, the women were just friends or like this one, a guide to help show him around in a new place.

Source: DM


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