Paris Hilton shocks in pre-birthday bash.


Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton would only become 27 on Feb. 17 but she has given her birthday party early. She caused a shock as she was dressed as a punk princess when she arrived at the LA club on Friday night, Feb. 9. Paris wore a crown to symbolize her status as a princess. She had a hot pink handbag to match her pink hair and glittering pink shoes. Her floral tights was a surprise.

Elliot Mintz

Britney Spears’ cousin, Ali Simms attended without Britney. Paris’ ex-press and PR man, Elliot Mintz, was also there. It was not a costume party but he turned up with a painted, orange face. Paris showed that she had no hard feelings towards her ex-staff, whom she still treated as her friends.

Paris showed no signs of disappointment on how her movie, The Hottie and the Nottie, had performed after its opening. It was in 111 theaters but grossed about $76 daily in each cinema.

Ali Simms

Ali Simms.

Source: DM



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