Mutya Buena becomes Amy Winehouse lookalike.


Mutya Buena, Amy Winehouse

Mutya Buena has recently been looking more and more like Amy Winehouse. She had a gold tooth fixed on her upper jaw and looked as tough as the rocker chick Amy. Her left leg was heavily covered in tattoos. She also had a thorn covered rose tattoo on her left breast, in the exact spot that Amy had hers.

Mutya Buena 2

Mutya was the founding member of Sugababe. She had always been known as a tough lady and she dressed like one too. She had copied a few of Amy’s signature styles like exposing her bra while having a top on.

In 2005, Mutya said she had to quit Sugababe because she found it too tough to cope with her baby, who was 9 month old Tahlia Maya. She could not juggle Sugababe’s schedule and her motherhood duties.

Mutya Buena 3

The former version of Mutya Buena.

Source: DM


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