Lindsay Lohan was blonde again for Paper.


Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan had a sexy photo shoot with Paper magazine. She changed the color of her hair back to blonde for that photo session. In her interview, she defended her hard partying and rebellious past. She said that she could not help being who she was. She blamed her family problems and Hollywood’s bright lights for her troubles.


 Lindsay Lohan 2

Lindsay said that she had missed her Dad after her parents got divorced. She was working back to back. Her indulgence in alcohol was a quick relief away from her stress and personal problems. Her periods in rehab forced her to rethink about her life and on getting back on track.

Lindsay blamed the box office bombs like “Georgia Rule“ and I Know Who Killed Me“ as having poor scripts. She was confident that when she had a great script and role, her film career would soar again.

Source: DM


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