Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise, Will Smith and Jade Pinkett-Smith – together again.


Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes emerged out in Hollywood with a new hair style. She and her husband, Tom Cruise, attended the “Essence Black Women in Hollywood” first annual event.

Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise

Katie turned heads by wearing her hew hairstyle and towering Christian Laboutin heels. The couple looked like “Gulliver and the Lilliputian.” Tom and Katie were there to give their moral support to Will Smith and his wife, Jade Pinkett-Smith. She was given the recognition of being one of Hollywood’s most versatile and gifted actress.

Will Smith, Jade Pinkett-Smith, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes

Will Smith had one more reason to smile. He has won a public apology and defamation suit in London’s High Court over a false claim that he described Adolf Hitler as a “good person.” The mistake was done by a big news agency, WENN.

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