Jess Anderson, 16, seduced by teacher Clive Richards, 49.


Jess Anderson

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Jess Anderson, 16, from the UK, sacrificed her final year GSCE studies and exams when she left home and moved into her ex-teacher’s house. The man, Clive Richards, 49, was a religious education teacher at her school until he quit his teaching post. He took up training as a vicar. However, the residents in his vicinity objected and he has been suspended from his understudy attempts for his new vocation. Clive had been married 3 times. His wife left him just 3 days before Jess moved in with him.

 Clive Richards

Clive Richards.

Jess, at 16, was legally permitted to stay anywhere she desired. Her parents were distraught that they were helpless to act in this situation. They were totally in the dark about Jess and Clive having a relationship until Jess disappeared. Jess informed her mother via an email that she had moved out.

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  1. I am one of jess's closest friends and i know for a fact that she is not pregnant and has no intention at this time of becoming so.

    She is very switched on and knows what she is doing and from knowing Clive as i do he is a very kind man who would never hurt her.

    I think you judgemental people should leave them to do as they like and think on your own lives instead!!!

    • Its stupid girls like you and jess why this world is so F up…. What the F are you on over there… For F sakes hes Old enoughf to be her Grandfather..yet alone Father….What the F is she going to do when shes 20 and hes 60 plus…Do you F-ing seriously think at 20 shes going to retire with him…One day she will wake up and say what have I done Ive thrown my youth away with this older man who is coming at a end to his life…I hope Jess misses out on her 20's and when she gets to a age of 30 she looks back and says Ive missed out on soo much..Doing stuff youre suppose to do when youre young..going out clubbing..Road trips…Travel… Stupid Stupid Stupid Girl….You and youre pre-madonna Stupid little Shampoo drinking , clueless immature , Phone txting , self-righteous , annoughing Hoples Councle Estate Trash – Slapper, who has not a SINGLE clue about life need to seriously rethink youre life and what youre doing…

  2. Vandenberg
    you stupid little twit…I think you have the oversized ego cos you think you re it. Where do you get off judging them when you dont even know the story and as for omfg eeewwww twat!


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