Gisele Bundchen’s naked photos.


Gisele Bundchen 2

Gisele Bundchen opened her big mouth to bet. She said that if her boyfriend Tom Brady’s team, New England Patriots, lost, she would run naked through the streets of Mid-town Manhattan. Well, the Patriots lost and Gisele has taken back her bet. We have to contend ourselves with older photos of Gisele nude in the photos below.
Gisele Bundchen

The uncensored photo is at the source.

Source: GH


  1. i don't like her ..
    i don't think her beautiful
    her face is weird
    i cannot see her eyebrows they are too light…
    and her nose is big.. her chin is a little big too..
    well so i donnt know why people keep saying whoaa shee is so gorgeous the best model ever!!


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