Dog the Bounty Hunter’s son, Tucker Chapman, is jailed.


 Dog the Bounty Hunter, Tucker Chapman

Tucker Chapman, the son of Dog the Bounty Hunter, has been forcibly taken into the Oahu Correction Facility last Friday. The offence was for violating multiple terms of his parole.

Apparently, a fortnight after Tucker made the tape of his dad ranting about the N-word, Dog discovered that Tucker was using drugs. Dog threatened to expose his son to his parole officer. That was when Tucker dropped the big bombshell on him.

Tucker’s parole officer performed a surprise home inspection this week and found reasons to bring Tucker into the slammer. Tucker’s string of violations included associating with felons, failing a drug test and escaping from a rehab facility.

Source: TMZ


  1. personally i like the son, not tucker, but the muscle one. i just started watching the reruns. didn't think i would like it, but now i watch it because of him. lelan?

  2. I feel horrible for Dog and his family. They try to do good the best way they know how, and then someone who in no way shape or form has their shit together comes along and destroy's everything this famlily has worked so hard to achieve. I hope loser Tucker is proud of himself. There is a lot of controversy over Dog using the N word. People, get the hell over it. He's allowed to say whatever the hell he wants to say, and if you dont like it, don't listen to it. Sounds like the girl Tucker is with is just as big of a loser and I dont blame Dog one bit for doing what he has to do to keep people like her out of his family! I hope A&E decides to keep the show and I hope the family is able to hold their heads up until this all dies down. We all thrive on new drama and a week later it's like it never existed. I definately hope Tucker and his trampy sidekick get what they deserve. God, afterall, doesn't like ugly.


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