Cheryl Cole has opposite schools of advice from friends.


Cheryl Cole, Victoria Beckham

Cheryl Cole was rumored to have consulted her good friend, Victoria Beckham after discovering that her husband, Ashley Cole, had been involved with several women. Initially, when the news broke on an alleged fling with Aimee Walton, Cheryl said that she would stand by her man. However, after more women had revealed about supposed affairs with Ashley, Cheryl has taken a different stand.

Cheryl Cole, Victoria Beckham 2

Cheryl left her matrimonial home and was hiding at a secret location. She was considering her choices. It was rumored that her all girls band, Girls Aloud, supported her in her crisis and advised her to dump Ashley. Victoria Beckham supposedly advised her to stick to her marriage and face the world. Posh Spice herself had weathered the storm when David was rumored to be having an affair with Rebecca Loos.

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Posh Spice has always been right on one thing and that is told here.


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