Cheeky Girls naked photo.


Cheeky Girls 1

The Cheeky Girls, Gabriela Irimia and Monica Irimia, have posed naked to promote Club4Climate. Gabriela, despite being the fiancée of Liberal Democrat politician Lembit Opik, had no qualms going fully nude. The duo band girls aimed to use glamorous parties and naked photos to help spread the word about climate change.

In Jan., the Cheeky Girls made a rousing debut at the Club4Climate party when they turned up in sequined bras, short hot pants, black stockings and open green jackets.

Cheeky Girls

Gabriela is on the left and Monica is on the right.

They used fig leaves to cover their essential parts. The uncensored photo is at the source.

Source: DM


  1. though u r beautifu, bt dt doesn't mean u should expose urself naked, i pray God w open ur inner mind 2 no Him as ur Lord & Salviour.


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